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Conventional Medicine Calls Tougher Accutane Regs a ''Disaster''

I told you last summer about the tougher-than-expected restrictions by the FDA on the acne drug Accutane. Apparently, during a transition phase to those more stringent rules (now slated to go into effect March 1), many health professionals and patients are blasting them.

Critics argue the new restrictions on Accutane are so time-consuming and troublesome, patients may resort to buying the potentially toxic acne drug via the Internet. Moreover, one American Academy of Dermatology Association representative called the new rules "a disaster."

The plan calls for health care professionals, patients and drug wholesalers to register with drug makers, doctors to inform their patients about Accutane's risks and women of child-bearing age to sign consent forms and take monthly pregnancy tests (due to the potential for birth defects).

Where the trouble really lies: The company overseeing the safety steps is having problems managing its automated system, causing prescriptions to go unfilled and multiple office visits.

Fact is, drugs like Accutane are bad, health-harming options that treat symptoms, but never truly address the real problem: A poor dietary regimen. The real answer to controlling acne is to optimize your insulin levels by restricting, with the plan of eliminating, your intake of grains and sugars.

Yahoo News February 10, 2006

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