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Don't Buy Girl Scout Cookies!

How could any organization like the Girl Scouts possibly disregard the massive amount of clear evidence that trans fat is dangerous? Nearly all sweets certainly make life much more enjoyable, but they absolutely do not promote optimal health either. However, it is very easy to enjoy relatively healthy sweets in moderation, like organic Dagoba chocolate.

Girl Scout leaders should know better than this. In fact, they should be punished for their careless disregard of human health. It is almost incomprehensible to me that they could be so irresponsible. Previously, they could use ignorance and hide under the fact there was no requirement to document the amount of trans fat in foods. Now, they simply have no excuse.

Come on, folks... Let's boycott Girl Scout cookies. Tell all your friends and relatives to stop buying them. If we continue to put a dent in their sales, maybe they will wake up and listen to enlightened consumers.

I also urge you to read Colleen Huber's awesome piece on safer, healthier alternatives to junk food.

Baking Business.com February 13, 2006

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