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Wake up America! Even Improved Soybean Oil Isn't Good For You

You may recall something I posted earlier this week about Kellogg using new genetically modified soybean oil in some of their snack products to get rid of trans fats. Demand for this debatably healthy oil is apparently growing in a huge way: Processed food companies recruit farmers to grow the new beans.

No wonder companies are franticly searching for alternatives, considering the FDA's edict that processed food products must list the amount of trans fats they contain. And, supply isn't keeping up with the demand, not unlike the unsafe trend toward Splenda.

Why these so-called healthier vegetable oils are a disastrous choice for most people: They can contain as much as 100 times the level of harmful omega-6 fats, completely out of whack with the average American's intake of more beneficial omega-3 fats.

A good example of what I'm talking about: Around 1900, Americans ate less than a pound of processed vegetable oil annually. The average American consumed more than 80 pounds just last year, largely thanks to eating processed fast food using oils like these. Suffice to say, the human body wasn't designed to consume these high levels of vegetable fats.

One crucial way to right-size your intake of more beneficial omega-3 fats: Take a high quality fish or cod liver oil daily.

Yahoo News February 17, 2006

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