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Watch a Movie From Your Cell Phone With a Matchbox Projector

Because I enjoy learning about new gadgets and sharing that knowledge with you from time to time, I thought you'd want to know about the PVPro, the newest and very unusual laser projector. Unique because the entire unit is less than 4 cubic inches, about the size of a matchbox.

The long-range use of the device: Enabling mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptop computers and iPods and digital cameras to display images, movies and TV programs. Even more amazing, the PVPro has no moving parts, meaning no glass or prisms or fans are necessary.

Don't expect to see this add-on on cellular phones and the like for a little while, but at least you'll get the jump on your friends who will, no doubt, ask you where you heard about this fascinating gadget and why you're feeling and looking better too. That's when you can tell them about the benefits of subscribing to my free eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter.

Audioholics.com February 10, 2006

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