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Acupressure Better Than Physical Therapy For Low Back Pain

Last month, I posted a very popular article about treating chronic low back pain with an easy-to-learn style of yoga that emphasizes safety. Another natural treatment -- acupressure -- has been found more effective than physical therapy in treating low back pain too.

Taiwanese researchers compared both styles of treatment by treating 64 patients with six sessions of acupressure and 65 patients with standard physical therapies which included electrical stimulation, spinal manipulation, exercise and heat therapy, both over the course of a month, then followed up six months later.

Not surprisingly, acupressure reduced the amount of disability as a result of low back pain by a wonderful 89 percent. Moreover, those improvements lasted for six months as well as the short term. Patients in the acupuncture group cited the most benefits in diverse areas such as leg pain, pain affecting one's work routine and fewer missed days from school or work.

These findings make great sense to me, considering one of the most effective tools I use in my practice, the Emotional Freedom Technique, is one of the most proven energy psychology tools you can learn to treat your stress-related thoughts and challenges without the need for a toxic, useless drug.

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