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FDA Approves More Testing on Lethal MS Drug

Just to show how the FDA is more interested in pushing needless drug-based solutions on Americans, no matter how unsafe they are, the federal agency will permit Biogen Idec and Elan Corp. to resume testing its deadly multiple sclerosis (MS) drug natalizumab, better known as Tysabri, on patients.

This unfortunate short-term ruling hints at the possibility Tysabri will be available to consumers one day soon. In fact, a decision from the FDA could come as soon as next month. And, if the drug returns to the consumer market, expect it to receive a black box warning, unfortunately, a cautionary measure to which few pay any attention.

Coincidently, this ruling came on the heels of a British Medical Journal piece written by a British physician that blasted the FDA for approving Tysabri far too quickly, and after the short-tem results from two unpublished drug trials. Because MS can be a lifelong condition, the doctor argues, there must be compelling evidence Tysabri reduces those long-term effects, and there's no evidence supporting that claim.

If you're suffering from this devastating disease and searching for answers that don't involve taking a drug, I urge you to review this article I posted last year about a number of safer, healthier options at your disposal.

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