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How Can the CDC Recommend Another Merck Vaccine?

You know about Merck's efforts to distance themselves from the Vioxx debacle by developing three new vaccines. A CDC advisory panel has recommended one of the those vaccines -- Rotateq -- be given to all babies.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices was unanimous in their decision on Rotateq, an oral rotavirus vaccine given in three doses to babies younger than 32 weeks to prevent gastrointestinal illnesses in children.

The CDC committee claims Rotateq won't present the same problems as a similar rotavirus vaccine that was pulled from the market seven years ago for increasing a baby's risk of intussusception, a rare form of intestinal blockage. Considering Merck's vaccine-related lies, however, who really knows?

If these vaccine recommendations are creating doubts in your mind, they should. Before you make a decision about vaccinating your children, I urge you to review the extensive information on my Web site, starting with this lengthy piece.

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