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U.S. Health Care Spending Out of Control!

A disturbing report in the journal Health Affairs (free text link below) details the out-of-control climb in health care spending, predicted to outpace America's gross domestic product (GDP) over the next decade. Health care spending could account for as much as 20 percent of GDP by 2015. That amounts to about $12,000 per patient, or about $4 trillion annually.

In accounting for this frightening trend, researchers expect U.S. health care spending to climb about 2 percent to an average 7.2 percent during the decade to come. Among the areas where you'll see mounting costs:

The numbers show, beyond a doubt, the conventional health care mindset -- addicted to expensive, unnecessary and often toxic cures -- will be a huge drag on America's future and our children if we don't stop this madness soon. We can start by getting back to treating conditions, rather than wasting our money and energy trying to cure them.

Health Affairs February 22, 2006 Free Full Text Report

USA Today February 22, 2006

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