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Worry: A Major Contributor to Poor Health

Emotions have such an incredible impact on your overall health, both positive and negative. Worry is certainly a strong variable on the latter side, as it can accelerate your Alzheimer's risks.

A recent study conducted by a British insurer of some 1,800 patients discovered just how strong that link is: So many more people are worried these days than they were five years ago, particularly about variables they can control, they've often sought medical treatment.

Applying those numbers to the entire population of Great Britain, that could account for 21 percent or about 12 million people alone. Take that same percentage and apply it to America, and the domestic worrywarts could top 60 million. (I suspect this is merely a conservative estimate.)

Health topped the list of worries about family members and themselves. Of particular concern were heart disease and cancer, two totally preventable, treatable conditions.

The best way to treat out-of-control worry doesn't come in the form of a prescription, however. Your best bet is to adjust your body's ability to better tolerate stress by learning how to use an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique.

BBC News February 15, 2006

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