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Celebrex Doubles Heart Attack Risks

Celebrex officially joined fellow COX-2 inhibitor Vioxx among the ranks of lethal pain relievers today after researchers found, not surprisingly, celecoxib more than doubled a patient's risk of heart attack.

When compared to a placebo, Celebrex elevated one's risk of heart attack by 2.26 times, based on an analysis of six studies including some 13,000 patients. And, in contrasting Celebrex to ibuprofen, the comparative risks of heart attack dropped only slightly (1.88).

Of course, mega-drugmaker Pfizer went on the defensive, citing a larger study of some 44,000 patients from 40 clinical trials that determined Celebrex was no riskier than ibuprofen. No wonder, considering Pfizer is projected to earn more than $2 billion this year on Celebrex alone, but still less than the $3.3 billion it made in 2004.

And, just like Merck, Pfizer has 450 Celebrex-related lawsuits to fight in the courts, with the first case slated to be heard this June in Alabama.

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