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Conventional Medicine: ''Solving'' One Problem, Worsening Another

Conventional medicine is full of useless cures and treatments -- many of which line the pockets of the mega-drugmakers -- that eventually cause more harm than their worth, as evidenced by a popular piece I posted some two years ago about a boy's 30-month, health-harming struggle with a fish bone.

In a new study, removing tonsils and adenoids were surgical "treatments" for obstructed sleep-disordered breathing, better known as sleep apnea, in children that worsened a problem that probably already existed: Childhood obesity.

More than 50 children between ages 6-12 went under the knife in a misguided effort to relieve their breathing problems. About a year later, researchers discovered the excess weight of their young patients climbed by a disturbing 13 percent on average.

Makes you wonder if physicians had taken the direct route to the problem -- helping children lose those extra pounds by retooling their diets based on their unique nutritional types and getting them moving with exercise -- those surgeries wouldn't have been necessary at all.

Pediatrics, Vol. 117, No. 2, February 2006: 200-208

EurekAlert February 28, 2006

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