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Autism Doesn't Stop Teen From Being a Star on the Basketball Court

You may recall a testimonial I shared with you two years ago about a young boy's wonderful rebound from autism-related symptoms, thanks to a number of simple steps such as retooling his diet based on his unique nutritional type. Imagine how all that hard work and improvement builds into young adulthood, and you've got the story of Jason McElwain.

Diagnosed as autistic, Jason didn't speak until he was five and lacked social skills but steadily improved as he got older, so much so that he tried out for the junior varsity basketball team at Greece Athena High School in upstate New York, but at 5-6 was considered too small to play...

So Jason became a dedicated team manager. To reward him for his hard work, varsity coach Jim Johnson allowed Jason to suit up for his final high school game with no guarantees he would play. With Greece Athena safely ahead, Jason entered the game with four minutes to play, a victory all in itself, to loud cheers. What happened after that was nothing short of amazing.

After missing his first shot badly, Jason scored 20 points and tied a school record by hitting six three-pointers out of only 10 shots. Thankfully, Jason's performance of a lifetime was captured on tape (free video link below) for you to watch.

Autism is a condition, and a tragic, heart-breaking one at that for a family. But it doesn't have to be a dead end either, as Jason's awesome story brilliantly demonstrates.

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