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Gingko Fights Aggressive Breast Cancer

The reputation of ginkgo biloba has been growing by leaps and bounds as of late, with reports that it can greatly reduce a woman's risk of ovarian cancer, and that's in addition to what it does to fight dementia and multiple sclerosis. A new study has found how gingko slows the growth of breast tumors dramatically and brain tumors to a lesser degree.

It's common knowledge gingko interacts with a peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor (PBR) that carries cholesterol into the mitochondria, which helps to regulate growth in some cells. Some highly invasive cancer cells over-express PBR, the lead researcher said, which lead to testing and success on breast cancer.

Although gingko had no effect on non-invasive cancers, it did slow the aggressive growth of implanted breast cancer cells on mice by an amazing 80 percent. Brain tumors didn't respond as well, however, as gingko inhibited their growth for just 50 days, despite continuous treatment.

Just more evidence some of the simplest, common and most natural things around can treat and beat cancer effectively.

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