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New Paint May Lower Your Exposure to EMF Fields

In spite of all the advantages cellular phones provide us, unfortunately, it's become the norm to hear them ringing loudly and unexpectedly in a crowded movie theatre, concert hall and even church. A New York company is working on new technology -- a high tech paint supercharged with nanotechnology -- to block these interruptions on demand.

NaturalNano is developing a substance blending tiny copper particles into paint without affecting how it adheres to surfaces. That, in addition to a radio-filtering device, would collect phone signals inside a shielded space, allowing some to pass and blocking others, preventing social disturbances.

I am seriously considering painting the inside walls of my home and especially my bedroom to create an EMF neutral zone where my body is not constantly assaulted by frequencies it was never designed to be exposed to.

Newsday March 1, 2006

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