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Another Reason Sodas Cause Cancer

Aside from potentially being dirtier than toilet water, here's another reason you need to stay away from soft drinks: Traces of benzene up to eight times the legal level allowed in drinking water were found in sodas sold in France and the UK.

This shouldn't be a big surprise to the soft drink industry, considering they've known mixing the preservative sodium benzoate with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) produces benzene for more than a decade. Manufacturers have been putting ascorbic acid back into their products as of late, however, hoping parents will be fooled into buying vitamin C-enhanced "health drinks" that give the appearance of being far healthier than they really are, according to an American expert.

Besides, should there be different standards for the presence of benzene in soft drinks versus drinking water in the first place?

Benzene, by the way, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to "soft" drinks, considering they are the top source for calories in America. No doubt, soda consumption is the largest source of high-fructose modified corn syrup in this country. And, exposure to that sugar will devastate your insulin and leptin levels, compromising your ability to achieve optimal health.

Diet soft drinks are no bargain either, with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose contributing to a good deal of toxic side effects.

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