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CDC Fights Mercury Removal in Vaccines

You may remember the awesome article I shared with you last summer about mercury's presence in vaccines written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. that described how hard the CDC worked at burying and debunking the truth about thimerosal. Seems the CDC was doing more behind the scenes to push thimerosal than anyone could imagine...

In fact, Kennedy's newest piece, based on documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, describes how the CDC rejected a proposal by drugmaker SmithKline Beecham to produce thimerosal-free vaccines seven years ago, all the while recommending publicly drugmakers discontinue its use as a preservative.

It wasn't until July 2000, however, the CDC promised that all vaccines would be thimerosal free when "adequate supplies are available." The reasons, according to an unnamed federal official, for the CDC's deception:

  • Not admitting their flawed, health-harming mistakes.
  • Discrediting international vaccine programs the CDC supports.
  • Protecting their true partners, the mega-drug companies from countless millions in losses.

The real kicker: The CDC still defends the use of thimerosal, sending representatives to various state legislatures to testify against their removal.

If you have any doubt at all about what mercury can do to your child, I urge you to review some of the pieces I've posted on mercury's damaging connection to autism.

Huffington Post March 1, 2006


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