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Cordless Phones Increase Your Brain Cancer Risks

Apparently, phones of the cellular variety aren't the only ones that are hazardous to your brain health. Home cordless phones as well as mobiles increase your risk of brain cancer too, with the former being even more dangerous than the latter in the long run.

The statistical risks associated with cellular phone use flatlines roughly after five years, while the dangers connected with cordless phone use grow even faster. In fact, the risk of cordless phone users versus cellular phone users developing acoustic neuromas doubled over a decade. Even more alarming: Those numbers were based on using a cordless phone less than 100 minutes a month.

And, how many of you use a cordless phone any less than that over the course of a month?

What's more the radiation dangers exist even when you're not using a cordless phone. While the cordless phone sits in a charger, the base station emits as much as 6 volts from as close as a meter away. In other words, you'd have to be at least 100 meters away from a base station to avoid electromagnetic field exposure.

In the meantime, the best things you can do to protect your brain from needless radiation exposure are inexpensive:

  • Buy a non-cordless phone for use in your home.
  • Use a headset equipped with ferrite beads while using a cellular phone.

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