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Splenda's Newest Target: Ice Cream

To keep you in the loop on new products (largely processed foods you have no business eating anyway) being tainted by Splenda's touch, you'll want to know about Rebalance 022, Tate and Lyle's latest solution set for gelato ice cream.

Although this "solution set" is being used by Italian ice cream manufacturer PreGel, that health-harming concoction will soon appear in low-calorie concoctions sold in the United States, South America, Australia and Europe.

Rebalance 022 is chock full of sucralose and all kinds of specialized ingredients, designed to maintain taste and texture of the product, along with its health-harming effects. The little bit of good news here: If you pay attention, you'll see the Splenda logo on those gelato packages that come in raspberry, chocolate, cappuccino and cream flavors.

It's merely one more canny marketing ploy used by Tate and Lyle and McNeil Nutritionals to make its anything but natural sweetener appear safer than it really is.

Nutra Ingredients.com Europe February 28, 2006

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