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Americans Exposed to Too Much Fluoride

Yesterday, I warned you about the blight of dental fluorosis among children in Iowa drinking fruit juice and infant formula. Based on a report issued yesterday by the National Academy of Sciences, even more Americans are exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride, however, because EPA guidelines -- already too high -- aren't closely followed in some states.

The EPA limits the amount of fluoride in drinking water to 4 ppm, but that's four times what the American Dental Association claims is needed to fight cavities (0.7-1.2 ppm). As a result, some regions with high levels of natural fluoride far exceed the existing EPA standard.

In those areas, some 10 percent of children younger than age 8 are afflicted with severe cases of dental fluorosis, a condition in which teeth become discolored, pitted and lose enamel. Infants and young children are especially fragile, for the same reason the mercury contained in vaccines harms them: Low body weight.

States that expose Americans to more fluoride than they should: Texas, Virginia, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Indiana, Colorado and New Mexico.

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