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If One Antidepressant Doesn't Work, Try Another?

Another indication of the drug-addicted state that cripples conventional medicine: Two studies in yesterday's New England Journal of Medicine urge patients suffering from depression to add a second health-harming antidepressant or switch to another useless drug.

In one study, more than 700 patients switched from Celexa to either Zoloft, Effexor or Wellbutrin. Although there was no real differences between any of those drugs, about a quarter of patients felt relief after 14 weeks. Makes you wonder if there was some kind of placebo effect going on here...

In the latter, some 550 patients already taking Celexa added a second drug -- Buspar or Wellbutrin -- to their drug regimen. Fourteen weeks later, about 30 percent of the two-drug patients were symptom-free.

Even though no more than 30 percent of the patients monitored were actually helped by changing from one potentially toxic drug to another or adding a second to the mix, researchers felt comfortable recommending antidepressants anyway!

Makes you wonder if they completely ignored an important study that argued anti-depressants provide no meaningful benefit. Some safer, healthier options to treat your emotional health that have absolutely nothing to do with a potentially toxic drug:

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