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The Toxic Parabens Hiding in Your Bathroom Products

If you're worried about the harmful chemicals hidden in cosmetics and toiletries, you may want to review Colleen Huber's timely piece on her Web site (free text link below).

The focus of Colleen's awesome article is the danger of parabens, the most common preservative used in personal care products sold in America. And, not surprisingly, parabens can also be found in various processed foods -- think soft drinks, candy, mayonnaise and salad dressing.

In fact, the only ingredient used more commonly than parabens is water.

Among Colleen's healthier alternatives:

  • Using an antiperspirant with baking soda, although common soap and water work just fine too.
  • Treating dry nostrils with olive oil when it's cold.

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Naturopathy Works March 2006 Free Full Text Article

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