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FDA Agrees ADHD Drugs Cause Kids to Have Hallucinations

Although the FDA's pediatric advisory committee rejected a black box warning on all ADHD drugs this week, they did recommend that the agency mandate existing labels include more information, written in simpler language, about the risk of hallucinations among children. That comes on the heels of a black box warning for ADHD drugs, based on their cardiovascular risks, a measure that was narrowly approved last month by another FDA advisory committee.

One FDA director says it's more likely, however, the agency will approve the this week's recommendations, some call clearer if not tougher, at least for the time being. Why? Perhaps, the FDA will be persuaded as the pediatric panel was by some experts who believe the black-box warnings added to ADHD drugs would do more harm -- creating more hype, confusion and controversy -- than good.

Tell that to a mother whose daughter committed suicide last year, just two months after taking Concerta. She believes harmful ADHD drugs are being handed out like they're candy.

And, just because the FDA is leaning toward a softer warning, doesn't mean it will happen anytime soon either. Any updates on prescription labels may not appear for several years.

If you or loved one are suffering from ADHD, please remember there are plenty of safe, effective alternatives for treating this condition without the need for a toxic, hallucinogenic drug.

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