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Who Are the Lonely People?

You know how negative emotions can harm your health in so many ways. If you're feeling lonely, chances are better than good you're probably in your 40s, according to a survey of some 1,300 Australian adults.

Some facts about the ripple effects of loneliness:

  • Those near the tail end of the baby boomer era, age 50 and older, were the least lonely people surveyed.
  • The sense of loneliness peaked for patients in their 40s.
  • Unemployed patients were more lonely, along with those who had lower incomes, than those who were retired.
  • Religious patients were less lonely than those with no strong beliefs, no big surprise to me.

Negative emotions can be so powerful that, left unresolved, they can prevent your body from healing entirely. Some safe ways to address your emotional pain without the need for a useless and toxic antidepressant that can affect your body in so many unforeseen ways:

Yahoo News March 19, 2006

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