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Mothers: Treat Your Depression Without Drugs

More than four years ago, I told you about the negative impact a mother's poor mental health can exert on her baby. Although the same ominous results were reported in a brand new study, treating mothers directly for depression helped moms and their children overcome psychiatric disorders too.

Researchers reviewed the mental health of some 150 mother-child pairs over the course of the study. The one huge caveat you need to know that taints these results: All mothers in the study were treated for their depression with medication.

How a mother's depression was affected or not by drugs, sad to say, seemed to make the difference. For example, the children of mothers whose depression wasn't "cured" by a drug had more problems (about an 8 percent increase in diagnoses and a 12 percent jump in remission rates). Yet, in children with existing problems at the start of the study, a 33 percent remission in symptoms was reported among kids whose mothers were helped by medication.

Fact is, the evidence is growing that antidepressants offer no meaningful benefit which is why more experts believe depression should be addressed head-on, without drugs. Two ways to beat depression, naturally and effectively:

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