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There Are More Toxins in Vaccines Than Mercury

I devote a great deal of space to the dangers still associated with one component of vaccines -- mercury. Just as troubling and health-harming is what drugmakers have replaced mercury with. Topping the list is aluminum hydroxide, used in hepatitis A and B and the Pentacel "cocktail," a vaccine that "protects" against tetanus, polio, petussis, diphtheria and a form of meningitis. Scientists have inked aluminum hydroxide to symptoms of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease).

What makes this news even more alarming: U.S, drugmakers are currently testing aluminum hydroxide as an additive in flu shots to determine their potency.

Scientists discovered the link after injecting mice with an anthrax vaccine developed for the first Gulf War. After 20 weeks, a fifth of the mice developed a skin allergy, anxieties rose almost 40 percent and memory problems exploded (by 41 times compared to the placebo group). And, inside the brains of mice, 35 percent of the cells that control movement were destroyed.

Aluminum hydroxide is one harmful additive among many -- think MSG and phenoxyethanol (used to make antifreeze) -- found in vaccines. No wonder drugmakers were angling to be protected from lawsuits in a bill passed late last year by the House for a fake flu epidemic.

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