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Taking Care of Breast Implants As They Age

With all the disturbing problems surrounding breast implants, here's one you may not have considered: What will you do with them when you get older? That's the $640,000 question posed in this awesome news piece, considering some 3 million American have breast implants and ought to know they will have to deal with the consequences of having them removed or, even worse, replaced one day.

For one woman and a co-founder of the National Organization for Women who suspected a leaking implant of her own (15 years after a mastectomy), opinions and advice were abundant, but conflicting.

The good news here: The woman took responsibility for her own health by insisting on an MRI over a mammogram, based on talks with friends and Internet research. Subsequent scans (an ultrasound and MRI) revealed a rupture.

For many of you who may be considering breast implants, they are looking more than ever like a temporary and hazardous decision to a deeper problem: A poor self-image that can be addressed easily, effectively and safely with an energy psychology tool like the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Yahoo News March 26, 2006

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