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Nocturnal Sleep Eating: A Newly Described Ambien Side Effect

Earlier this month, I warned you about the newest problem plaguing our streets thanks to drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis: Users of the drug Ambien taking to the road while they're asleep. Not only do patients drive in their sleep thanks to a harmful drug, they eat food too, and, in some cases, quite a lot of it.

What's more, some patients are eating things in their sleep no one in their right minds could imagine, like raw bacon and buttered cigarettes, according to a Minnesota sleep clinic. In fact, people have hurt themselves chopping up food while asleep.

One woman is paying a heavy price for her over-reliance on Ambien, the only treatment, she claims, that works. This patient has gained more than 100 pounds since she started this health-harming drug regimen. Now, she takes a second needless medication to curb those Ambien-induced urges.

Let's hope these bizarre side effects emphasize that sleep is just as important in optimizing your health as eating the right foods based on your body's unique nutritional type and getting the right amount of exercise.

If you're having problems sleeping, I urge you to try my 29 proven solutions, none of which require taking a sleep-eating drug.

CBS News March 15, 2006

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