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Protect Your Ears From The iPod

You may recall Colleen Huber's awesome piece last fall about all the things that conspire to impair our hearing, including the iPod, along with the rise among younger folks in noise-induced hearing loss. Apparently, Apple Computer agrees...

Facing consumer complaints and a lawsuit, Apple's latest software update (released Wednesday for users who own an iPod Nano or video iPod) addresses the problem, allowing users to set limits on how loud their iPods can be.

Perhaps, a better solution, according to one expert, would to be to ship iPods with pre-set lower maximum volumes, and require consumers to sign releases before giving them a code to unlock the software controls.

Besides turning down the volume of your iPod or any other MP3 player you own, it may also be wise, says on expert, to invest in a better set of earphones that let you hear more of the music or words without cranking up the volume.

Just a reminder, I'm no fan of the iPod and was seriously disappointed in the way Apple manages digital rights and categorizes their content. My favorite MP3 player is the Cowon iAudio X5, with better video playback features than the iPod and it's cheaper too.

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