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Type 2 Diabetics: Get Your Vitamin D

If you follow my blog regularly, no doubt you appreciate the amazing health benefits of vitamin D as I do. That's why I wasn't surprised to read more than 60 percent of type 2 diabetics are deficient in vitamin D.

Italian researchers compared blood samples from more than 450 patients with type 2 diabetes against a similar number of healthy folks. Nearly a third more diabetics were found to be lacking in the right amount of vitamin D versus the controls. Type 2 diabetes was more prevalent among women who were taking insulin and useless statin drugs and controlled their condition poorly.

Another marker of low vitamin D levels -- cardiovascular disease -- was found in nearly a third of the diabetic patients surveyed.

Fortunately, with spring in full bloom in America and a extra hour of daylight coming Sunday for many of you, I strongly encourage you to tap into the best and most natural source of vitamin D by getting the right amount of sunshine every day as well as getting your vitamin D levels checked soon.

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