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What Fast Food Increases a Woman's Risk of Breast Cancer?

Another reason why we need to eradicate the plague of obesity harming our children, especially girls, before it can harm their health: What your child eats, or doesn't, in preschool may determine her risk of breast cancer as an adult, according to a new study.

Harvard researchers surveyed the diets of some 600 breast cancer patients, using 30-item "food frequency" questionnaires completed by their mothers, then compared them to almost 1,600 healthy patients. (All participants participated in the landmark Nurses Health Study.)

Consuming one additional serving of French fries -- one of the worst foods you can eat -- each week elevated a child's risk of breast cancer as an adult by 27 percent. Surprisingly, whole milk was linked to only a slightly decreased breast cancer risk, likely because it was pasteurized.

The most important fact you need to know about this study and its impact on children comes from the lead researcher: A young girl's diet may have more influence on her breast cancer risks later in life, than it does when she's an adult. Sobering indeed...

If you're unsure about your child's obesity risks -- many parents and doctors remain clueless about them -- I urge you to review the seven risk factors as well as ways to treat this condition safely and quickly.

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