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Even in Moderation, Alcohol No Good For Your Health

Some scientists still defend the moderate use of alcohol for its alleged protection against cardiovascular disease. However, more health experts are jumping off that bandwagon, pointing out the flaws in earlier research.

After conducting a meta-analysis of 54 studies, Canadian and American researchers found only seven divided patients between those who abstained from alcohol by choice and others who quit for health reasons.

Although studies demonstrated patients who abstained from drinking alcohol altogether had a higher mortality rate, the reason for their deaths may have been related to their poor health after they stopped drinking. Another interesting factoid: In those same seven studies, no difference existed between drinkers and abstainers when it came to heart disease risks.

I believe the alcohol contained red wine and other beverages is poisonous and can damage your hormonal balance. Drinking two glasses of red wine if not more -- in the range of what many patients would regard as moderate -- may offset any potential benefit and increase your cancer risk.

MSNBC March 31, 2006

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