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Fake BOTOX Still Deadly

Along with the BOTOX boom over plastic surgeries, I remained concerned we'd see a rise in health problems like we did a year ago, thanks to the distribution of the fake stuff.

Seems the culprits behind last year's well publicized BOTOX debacle represented just the tip of the iceberg, prompting the American Society for Dermatological Surgery warn the public against receiving such treatments from non-medical professionals after recent reports of deaths involving "bogus" BOTOX.

A California beautician may be facing manslaughter charges in the death of a Monterrey County woman who received a fatal injection of fake BOTOX in her home by a non-professional last month. Those few dollars saved are meaningless, however, compared to a human life...

You don't have to die to maintain or regain your youthful vitality, if you follow these basic dietary guidelines:

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