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Survive Breast Cancer By Taking Ginseng

Last month, I told you how useful gingko can be in treating aggressive breast cancer tumors and ovarian cancer. The use of ginseng may be just as important to a woman's continued survival after her breast cancer is treated.

Scientists monitored the health of more than 1,400 Chinese women treated for breast cancer for up to six years, along with their ginseng intake. The numbers explain why researchers believe ginseng should be used in treating breast cancer:

  • The mortality rate among women who had already been using ginseng (27 percent of those monitored) before their breast cancer diagnosis dipped 30 percent, compared to those who never used it.
  • Of the 73 percent of women who survived through the end of the study, 63 percent used ginseng after their diagnosis.

This good news adds to the growing resume of ginseng as a natural treatment for fighting Parkinson's and Huntington's disease.

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