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New Plans to Microchip All Livestock in U.S. Could Devastate Organic Farmers

Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) eases inventory tracking by companies selling products all over the world. You need to know how this technology can also be used for nefarious purposes as in the case of tracking farm animals in a government database.

The plan for the National Animal Identification System (NAIS), issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) almost a year ago, calls for the identification and tracking of every farm animal using RFID and GPS technology for the stated purpose of containing diseases like mad cow.

It also requires any farm or home that houses a single animal to be registered with governmental agencies. There are some MAJOR concerns here that will likely seriously impact your ability to obtain healthy food in the future.

This measure could literally wipe out most all the small organic farmers that simply don't have the means and resources to secure these high-tech gadgets and implement the required expensive reporting systems.

Folks, this is serious business that will no doubt affect your ability to get clean reasonably priced healthy food in the future. I urge you to review the links below along with the USDA's plan, for right now just a voluntary one, and get your Congressman involved today before it's too late.

Stop Animal ID.org

Reliable Answers.com February 12, 2006

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