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Antidepressants Increase Stillbirth Risks

Another reason expectant mothers shouldn't take an antidepressant to treat their emotional pain: Doing so increases a woman's risk of bearing a stillborn child.

The numbers compiled in a Canadian study comparing the health of 972 babies born from women taking antidepressants to those who didn't take a useless, toxic drug may surprise you:

  • Women taking a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) were about twice as likely to suffer a stillbirth or bear a low birth-weight child.
  • SSRI patients were almost 20 percent more prone to deliver their babies prematurely.
  • Reports of babies experiencing seizures were more common among mothers taking SSRIs.

Considering all the problems taking a toxic drug can have on your health as well as your newborn along with providing no meaningful benefits, consider these safer, healthier options:

BBC News April 7, 2006

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