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The Bone Cancer, Fluoride Connection

You may recall a study I posted last year about the toxic risks of fluoride tied to a higher risk of bone cancer. The tricky part at the time: Finding a copy of the study, considering the only proof came from a dissertation by a former Harvard University dental student.

Dr. Elise Bassin's findings finally became public last week (text link below) and it could be big trouble to fluoride proponents, and, in particular, Bassin's former college advisor and current boss, Chester Douglass, who chairs the Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology department at Harvard University. Douglass says her study was a subset of his own $1.3 million, 15-year study funded by the National Institutes of Health that debunked any connection between fluoride and cancer.

But you may not know, Douglass is also paid as an editor of the Colgate Oral Care Report, a newsletter supported by one of the leading makers of fluoride toothpaste in the world...

Back on point, Dr. Bassin's study showed young boys who drink fluoridated water, considered safe based on federal regulations, have a five times greater risk of developing osteosarcoma, the most common kind of bone cancer and the sixth most common among children.

Considering kids are being harmed by the toxicity of fluoride in their bones and teeth, you have more than ample reason to eliminate it from your home. However, should you remain skeptical, I urge you to check out my fluoride links page.

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