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Are You Finally Catching on to Phony Diseases?

One of my major pet peeves with the business of medicine: The creation of "diseases" or the exploitation of minor conditions merely to justify the production of new drugs no one needs.

With that in mind, you'll enjoy reviewing a slate of articles from the open-access Public Library of Science (free text link below) devoted to disease mongering, all to serve the interests of the mega-pharmaceuticals.

The practice of this low art, described in these pieces, has served drug companies well, keeping their coffers flush with cash while healthy people waste their hard-earned dollars on becoming patients who are prescribed useless and often toxic drugs that can harm them.

And, like the effective marketing techniques that drive the mega-pharmaceutical machine, a global response will be necessary, the editors say, to stop it. Sounds a great deal like my vision for more rational and natural approaches to health care that treat the true cause of health problems, rather than attempt to cure phony conditions.

Public Library of Science Medicine, Vol. 3, No. 4, April 11, 2006 Free Full Text Articles

Times Online April 11, 2006

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