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Get Your ADHD Drug From a Patch

Late last week, the FDA finally got around to approving the newest attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug for children I warned you about: The Daytrana patch, chock full of methylphenidate, the very same stimulant used in Ritalin.

This latest version of the Daytrana patch, developed by Noven Pharmaceuticals and Shire Phamaceuticals Group, was approved by an advisory board for the FDA as an alternative ADHD treatment for children (ages 6-12), only if taking a pill is too difficult.

A little history: The U.S. based Noven tried to submit a 12-hour patch for approval three years ago, but the FDA rejected it. This "new and approved version" lasts just nine hours, and is available in four different dosages.

For the time being, Daytrana will include warnings for skin sensitivity, heart problems, insomnia, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and, hopefully, hallucinations. But isn't a patch handier than taking a drug and much easier to sell? Makes you wonder if this patch is just another way to expand "a market" that may include as many as 10 percent of all the 12-year-old boys in America...

Some effective ways to treat ADHD without the need for a harmful drug:

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