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Balloons Can Treat Your Sinus Problems?

Apparently, balloons are becoming the newest trend in treating for medical conditions. Not so long ago, I told you about silicon balloons inflated with saline in patients' stomachs to help them fight obesity. Now, some 100 doctors across America are using them to treat chronic sinus problems.

The procedure involves snaking the balloon device to the blocked area and inflating it, in hopes of stretching out the sinus cavity to let air back in and allow prescribed antibiotics to do their work. And, unlike conventional sinus surgeries that remove inflamed tissue and bone at the risk of scar tissue, this approach is far less painful.

Some experts sees this procedure as the middle-ground between endless rounds of antibiotics -- a bad solution at best -- and more invasive surgery. However, the FDA approved the new sinus balloon device last summer based only on a tiny study of 10 patients that found no safety concerns.

Although more studies are on the way, I don't imagine many of you really want a doctor to stick a balloon up your nose. Besides, the presence of fungus may be the underlying cause for many of your sinus problems anyway. Some natural solutions, none of which have anything to do with a drug or surgery:

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