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The Many Ways You Can Tie Shoelaces

Because I enjoy the science behind the everyday things many take for granted, like getting wet in the rain, thought you'd be just as interested about all the different ways you can tie your shoes, including quite a few you've probably never considered.

Most of us learned one or two different ways to tie our shoelaces as a child. Ian Fieggen's site, on the other hand, demonstrates 16 different methods, along with detailed instructions and color-coded diagrams.

In fact, Fieggen claims to have developed the fastest shoelace knot, called the "Ian Knot." Despite the six-step process, the accompanying video makes a strong case for Fieggen's claim his own knot can cut two-thirds of the time you'd spend tying a conventional knot, of course, with practice.

Ian's Shoelace Site April 1, 2006

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