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Toxic Platinum Hiding in Silicon Implants

A new study concerning high levels of platinum salts found in the bodies of 16 women with silicon gel breast implants could put the breaks on the conditional and undisclosed approvals granted last year to Mentor and Inamed by the FDA.

Although the presence of platinum (it transforms silicon into a harder, gel-like substance) had been debated a long time ago, it hadn't been the focus of controversy, until this new study (free text link below) discovered high amounts platinum in the hair, urine and breast milk of women with silicon implants.

Also, the platinum scientists found was in a more harmful oxidized state, not surprisingly, a bone of contention among chemists who work for breast implant manufacturers.

The trick about implants: They become health-harming time bombs that rupture more often than not, as in the case of the former co-founder of the National Organization of Women.

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