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Why Do Seniors Need Statins At All?

Here's another great reason why you never want to take a statin drug to treat Alzheimer's disease or dementia, much less to lower your cholesterol: Any "benefit" you might receive from taking them evaporates about the time you turn 80 anyway, according to a new study.

Researchers tracked the non-effect of statins on geriatric patients by reviewing Medicare data on more than 65,000 patients who had been diagnosed with a heart attack. Although statin therapy was connected to a reduction in "all-cause" mortality, statins had little effect on patients over age 80.

The "trick" may be a patient's cholesterol levels. Seniors who had high LDL cholesterol (above 130) benefited but those with low levels (below 100) didn't. So much for any benefit...

Remember, statins are merely expensive, worthless and sometimes toxic cures that do nothing to treat the underlying causes of the problem. Two basic strategies that virtually eliminate the need for you to be tethered to statin drugs for the rest of your life:

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