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Do You Really Need Canned Oxygen?

From time to time, I warn you about the latest "designer health trends," like the ever-growing array of sports drinks and energy drinks that can harm you. The most recent "trend" that does nothing more than separate you from your hard-earned cash and offers no help to your health: Canned oxygen that comes in fruity flavors.

Not surprising at all to me, considering the wasteful business of bottled water alone generates $9 billion in the United States...

The mass production of canned oxygen probably began after the "success" of oxygen bars at trendy nightclubs, where oxygen is sold in five-minute increments to provide patrons an energy boost.

We all know that oxygen is essential to life and if you don't get it for five minutes or so you will not be living very long. Most Americans feel, however, if something is good for you, more of it is probably better. That just doesn't work well for many things, and canned oxygen is one of them.

Oxidation can accelerate aging and DNA damage and that is one of the reasons why taking antioxidants can be helpful. It's also why you should place your vegetables and foods in near vacuum packed containers: The oxygen in the air will actually accelerate deterioration.

So skip the expense and increase your oxygen by participating in aerobic exercise as that is the only logical way to improve your oxygen intake that I am aware of. And, even then, it is still beneficial for you to take antioxidants to protect against possibly excessive oxygen exposure.

Failed Success.com April 17, 2006

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