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Famed Scientist Discusses Aspartame Toxicity

No doubt, you recall some of the reports I posted last year about the work of Dr. Morando Soffritti, the Italian scientist whose recent studies on aspartame reaffirmed its toxicity once and for all. Dr. Soffritti offered some interesting details of his past work in a recent interview.

For one, aspartame isn't the only dangerous chemical Dr. Soffritti's European Ramazzini Foundation has discovered. His foundation first appeared on the radar when it discovered the cancer-causing properties of the gasoline additive MTBE, leading to a ban in 21 American states.

Secondly, for those of who believe consuming diet soft drinks tainted with aspartame or any other artificial sweetener will help you lose weight, forget it. In Dr. Soffritti's experiments, rats given aspartame ate less but their body weight remained the same, one reason I often remind you diet soft drinks, fueled with toxic substances like aspartame or sucralose, multiply your risk of obesity.

Lastly, the carcinogenic effect of aspartame could be far greater, Dr. Soffritti warns, in children due to their lower body weight and even worse on an embryo which is why pregnant women should stay away from artificial sweeteners at all costs.

If you're still skeptical about aspartame's deadly effects, I urge you to review an index of the top articles I've published on my Web site.

IPS News Agency April 15, 2006

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