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Avoid a Hip Replacement By Fighting Obesity Early

Childhood obesity is a precursor to all sorts of terrible health risks that can last way into your middle years. Carrying all that extra weight during your first 20-25 years of your life may lead to one more serious problem -- a total hip replacement due to severe arthritis -- later on.

European researchers compared the health of some 1.2 million Norwegians screened for tuberculosis from 1963-75 to data on total hip replacement procedures performed between 1987-2003.

A patient's rising body mass index correlated to a greater risk of hip replacements or that being overweight or obese as much as tripled one's odds of such a procedure, and this was especially true among those who were overweight as young adults. In fact, obese women under age 25 increased their odds of hip replacement surgery by a factor of three in their later years.

The best things you can do if you're a parent who wants to help his or her child get a good healthy start:

Even if you're way beyond your 20s, it's never too late to make an significant impact on your health when you use superior tools like nutritional typing and exercise.

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