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Got Fungus in Your Eyes?

You're probably aware of recent reports about the nasty fungal infection, Fusarium keratitis, associated with a contact lens cleaner (Bausch and Lomb's ReNu-MoistureLoc) that started in Singapore and has spread across 17 American states. Florida is the ground zero for this outbreak in America with 50 cases so far.

No minor inconvenience, this fungal infection, associated with plants and soils in tropical and subtropical regions, can scar your cornea and blind you without treatments that can last as long as three months.

Just the mere thought of the pain and blurred vision associated with the infection has forced many to seek out another contact lens cleaner (no surprise that's sent Bausch and Lomb' stock prices on a nose dive) at the very least or to search for those long abandoned glasses.

If all this news has made you consider laser eye surgery (LASIK), please, please don't do it. A safer, healthier option to better vision that's far cheaper than wasting countless dollars on glasses or contact lenses you'll wear over a lifetime: The Natural Eyesight Habits Program that I've used to correct and improve my own eyesight.

USA Today April 18, 2006

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