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Drug Companies' Shameful Secrets

There are few things more evil in the practice of medicine than ushering in a new one-pill-cures-all drug you believe to be harmful beforehand to an unsuspecting public. So you'd think the now well-known conspiracy by Merck to keep the lethal side effects of Vioxx a secret and the resulting disaster in lawsuits should've taught other mega-drugmakers a great lesson. Unfortunately, their unyielding pursuit of the almighty dollar still speaks far louder than any of their words or actions.

And, what about where those cover-ups usually begin: At the point drugs are being tested?

That's the theme behind this awesome page of articles collected by Bloomberg.com (free text link below), providing more insight about the more recent scandals, including the six British patients harmed in the TeGenero drug study conducted by Parexel in London last month.

Other pieces track the progress of a U.S. Senate probe into New Jersey-based SFBC International, a drug-testing company that allowed a Haitian immigrant and tuberculosis patient to participate in a drug trial, infecting other patients as well as company employees.

Folks, all this bad publicity is, by no means, the last time we'll learn about the toxic properties of new drugs or the flawed means by which they're tested after the fact. Nevertheless, your health belongs totally to you. No one else is responsible for it.

My best advice: Strive to better understand and treat the real problem behind your medical condition, part of my vision for a better, safer future, without a potentially toxic or health-harming drug.

Bloomberg.com April 10, 2006

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