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An Easy Way to Increase Your Productivity at the Computer

Plain and simple, get a bigger or second monitor. It REALLY does make a difference. Of course, it should be an LCD monitor to decrease your EMF exposure. I remember paying $2,000 for my first 15-inch LCD monitor and really appreciating it. However, it was a major hassle to constantly switch through windows.

Through the years, I progressed to a 17-inch, then 21-inch Samsung monitor. Last year, I had the 24-inch Dell and that was wonderful until I upgraded in February to their new 30-inch model.

Yes, you heard me right: A 30-inch monitor.

Please understand, it is not just the size of the monitor that it is important. It's the resolution. A larger monitor will NOT help you if it cannot display more pixels. This Dell delivers, as it has a resolution of 2,560 X 1,600. However, you simply can't upgrade to this monitor as you need a video card that will drive it and many will not. (Interestingly, I paid less for this monitor than I did for my first 15-inch LCD monitor.)

While I have not had a 30 percent productivity increase, I've clearly noticed an improvement. However, I am coming off a 24-inch to a 30-inch monitor. Moving to the 30-inch monitor was probably the biggest change I have ever noticed, though.

At home, I run off a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to my office and now I can run that as a smaller full window and still work locally on my home desktop. It is beyond awesome and has made a big change in the way I work on my computer.

So, if you do lots of work on the computer like I do, you might want to consider this upgrade.

New York Times April 20, 2006 Registration Required

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