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A BMW That Gets 188 MPG

One way to put a huge bite on massive oil company profits: Build a car designed for city driving that runs on compressed natural gas and gets 188 miles per gallon.

BMW and scientists at the University of Bath have unveiled the first look at the Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport, a mouthful more easily and better known as the CLEVER. If the CLEVER makes it to the marketplace, this $10,000 vehicle looks like a car, yet maneuvers and banks around sharp turns like a motorcycle, thanks to its hydraulic active tilt system.

To get a better idea what the two-passenger CLEVER can really do on the open road and how it makes turns, watch the short BBC News video at the bottom of the page. The side-to-side movement of the CLEVER is truly awesome... almost like driving on an amusement ride.

Leftlane News April 23, 2006

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