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How Mercury-Laden Vaccines Skate Past a State Ban

Illinois is one of seven American states than bans the use of thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative that taints most vaccines. This fascinating piece from Red Flags explains, in a nutshell, why families in Illinois (and no doubt elsewhere) still don't have easy access to thimerosal-free vaccines -- should they choose them at all -- even though there's plenty to go around.

It describes how conventional medicine -- in the form of state medical authorities and associations -- is so aligned with vaccine makers that they will go out of their way to trigger baseline exemptions in state law that force thimerosal-laden vaccines to be distributed to the public, again, despite the availability of mercury-free vaccines.

By the way, vaccine-maker Sanofi-Aventis, as noted in an article I posted last month, was prepared to double their production of thimerosal-free children's flu vaccines, yet received no requests from the CDC or state agencies across the Unites States to do so...

And, thimerosal-free vaccines are cheaper, in many cases, too.

After reading this terrific article, if you're still not convinced about the dangers of thimerosal, please remember this for the safety of your children: Stay far away from vaccines derived from multi-dose vials.

Red Flags April 19, 2006 Free Full Text Article

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